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Plumbers Near Me

Here I give you some common plumbing jobs and a good idea of what you'd expect to pay to have the works carried out.


I have included the cost of materials within the price, but every job is different and this could sometimes vary slightly, depending on what I need and ease/difficulty of access, but generally these prices are fairly accurate. 

Emergency Plumber Exeter

For small plumbing repairs and installs in normal working hours (9am-5pm) the first hour (including call-out) is ~ £70 plus parts. I am not VAT registered so the total cost is just that.


The next hour and thereafter is reduced to ~ £60 but in 15 minute increments (£15 per 15 minutes)

For plumbing emergencies and out of hours work the cost for the first hour (including call-out) is £120 (minimum charge) and then £80 ph thereafter 

My day rate is ~ £350

For larger jobs lasting over a day or more, I can give you a free no obligation quote or estimate

Payment methods I accept: Card, Cash, BACS, PayPal and occasionally Cheques


*Please note that the prices below are pretty accurate but can vary depending on your location and how far I have to travel + materials if needed*


Dripping Tap

£70 ~ £100

If you have a dripping tap and it's a conventional type operation, the washers will need changing and possibly the seat may need re-seating too.

However, if you have a lever type tap with quarter turn operation, the ceramic disc valve(s) will need replacing which vary in sizes and cost. 


Toilet Repairs

£70 ~ £120

Is your toilet not flushing properly or is water continuously running down the pan? Then your toilet needs some plumbing attention. I should be able to fix it within an hour, unless you have a close-coupled WC where the pan is connected to the cistern. This takes extra time because the pan and cistern have to be separated and a replacement coupling kit fitted.

Occasionally more than one part will need replacing within the cistern at the same time, so the cost can vary. Again, the cost can vary a lot with toilet repairs and will come down to what type of toilet you have, what the problem is, ease of access and how quickly I can get it fixed + materials needed.


Outside Tap


For a standard outside garden tap installed, provided there is an easily accessible cold water source to connect into.

Cost of the tap, wall plate & pipe, double check valve, isolation valve, compression fittings, pipe sleeve and fixtures would come to about £40.

Labour would cost £110

If you would like the tap situated in a different spot, this will cost a little more because I'd have to run more pipe work.


Electric Shower


This is for an electric shower, straight swap, without any re-plumbing or pipe work to be changed. If you would like me to supply the shower too, the cost of the unit would be added to this price. I always install Mira showers, because they're good quality, built to last and I've never had a problem with them. Alternatively, I am happy to fit any shower that you have bought.

basin taps.JPG

Basin Tap(s)


Time for a new basin mixer tap or a pair of basin taps? This can be a straight forward job or very tricky. Depending on access, and if the bolt is fused to the threaded rod from being exposed to water and rust. Again, if you supply your own tap(s) and want me to fit it/them, I'm happy to do so.


Kitchen Sink Tap

£90 ~ £100

If your sink tap has seen better days, then it could be time for a new one. Depending on your type of tap and it's current state, it can be a good idea to buy a new one rather than spending money on replacing the tap cartridges.

If the tap is in good condition but is a bit stiff or dripping, then it could just need washer replacements or a service. £90 is the estimated/average price for labour to replace the tap, depending on difficulty and ease of access. Materials would be added on, if any.


Bath Tap(s)

£120 - £150

Bath taps old and worn out? Or maybe you need an upgrade or change of style? I can do this for you, provided there is sufficient access for me to work down at the tap end of the bath. The cost of this job can vary depending on what type of system you have. A high pressure system will be quicker because the mains water just needs to be isolated. Whereas a gravity fed system will take longer, depending on isolation and whether the tank in the roof needs to be bunged, so this system will be towards the higher end of the price.


Ball Valve Change


Is your overflow pipe continuously running? Then you could need your ball valve changing.

It's more economical to change the whole valve because there are a series of small washers inside it and if i just changed the faulty washer, another could perish shortly afterwards meaning another call back. So the price of the job is inclusive of me supplying and fitting the new valve.

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